Hectic Life

It’s been almost a year since my hubs and I quit smoking, and I’m so glad we did. Our lives have went from horrible to worse.And finally getting better.

2 months ago I had the scare of my life. My husband had a heart attack. ER docs transferred him to another hospital and they did a Heart Cath the next morning. As soon as hubby walked in the room, I immediately knew we had a bigger problem. 5 minutes later in walks the heart surgeon, who says my husband needs a quadruple bypass done but he knows that getting to all 4 chambers of the heart is in his words “One Hell of a  Stretch”  especially in his weakened state. Surgery went well, Very Well,  got all 4!

The day after he was released from the hospital our Oldest daughter Kayla  had her surgery to remove the Cancer from her liver, They removed 70% of her liver. Kayla was Cancer free for 3 to 4 weeks. She has what is called Fibrolemullar HeptoCellular Carcinoma. Kayla is the longest living person in the world her age. She has had it now for just over  3 years. She is a Strong and a force to be reckoned with. Watch out Cancer Kayla is going to kick your ass!!


I quit smoking! !

I quit smoking!! After leaving a 13 year relationship of pure hell in layman’s terms, I  found the love of my life and we just celebrated our one year anniversary of our marriage. He saved my life!  He has taught me what a wonderful relationship is all about.  I had to learn that not all men are womanizer’s. And that when a man truly loves you, he tells you and shows you at the same time. The ones I feel sorry for now are my younger children. My ex is their father, he drinks alcohol like it’s water. And has a revolving door of women coming and going.  We are currently in a custody case because I filed for full custody of them to get them away from all of the  negativity that comes from their fathers household. He  calls our children names, he gets drunk and can’t remember what he did the night before, if he has a  stressful day at work he takes it out on our children.  Early on in the year last year  he was with a woman who threatened to kill herself and held a knife to her own neck  in front of our then 10 year old daughter and said it  was fine. My daughter  went to her school counselor at the time and they did nothing, I don’t think that is fine. I want more for my children,  I want them to succeed in  life and not have or get into a  toxic relationship when they get older. The ex treats our daughter like she is his wife and not his daughter. Atleast that is how he talks to  her. He tells her he doesn’t like it when she is away from his home with me because he goes crazy when she is not there. He buys her things to keep her there. If she  expresses any want to be here with me, her stepdad, and her brothers he yells at her and tells her he doesn’t like it when she is away from him, like I would ever hurt my  child.  He has turned his control onto her. When my husband and I bought our new home 1 county over from his,  he told my daughter that I was going to steal her from him and she would NEVER see him again.  That is another story for another day for you to understand that one. ..but the just of it is my children have 4 other  siblings from him and his middle daughter’s mother took her at 4yrs old and moved to a neighboring state and he didn’t see her for another 6 years. And he is telling our daughter that I am going to do that with her. We just bought a home for God’s sake!  The ex sees the world in a different light compared to you or I. Some would say  he’s unstable in his head but I have to be able to prove it in court according to my lawyer. But anyways I quit smoking!  The last remnants of my old life.  I can now move on with my new life and be happy with my family. 

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions you  can leave them in the comments section I will answer them as soon as I can! !

Thanks, Leanne